Saturday, 14 March 2015

Neon Bubbles

The manicure today is based on the Neon prompt of my March Nail Art Challenge. I do love the bright and colourful look of these nails. If anything, they are even brighter and more striking in real life.
Colourful Neon Stamping Manicure
For these nails, I used Cobalt, a neon blue from Claire's. The bubbles are from the Dashica Infinity Plate 106. I filled in the little circles with various Models Own Iced Neon Polishes, using the Advanced Stamping Technique. I did start with a base of a white polish to make the colours pop.
I do want to add a little review about the Claires's Cobalt neon polish. I love the colour but the formula is on the thin side - I wasn't very happy with the application. As I normally do with neons, I painted it on a base of white, which may have been a mistake because it showed through under the thin polish. I used three coats of blue on top of the white to get the deep blue colour. Each successive coat seemed to disturb the earlier one which didn't help. Maybe it works better on its own - I'll have to try that the next time I use it.
Colourful Neon Stamping Manicure