Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Silver Lightning Bolts Manicure

I have here today a sparkly purple manicure with double silver lightning bolts.
Silver Lightning Bolts Manicure
This manicure is also for the first prompt in the Instagram Challenge below. Head over to Instgram and use the tag #clairestelle8march to admire all the beautiful manicures done for this challenge. 
March 2015 Nail Art Challenge
Coming back to the purple and silver nails, I used Orly Mirrorball and Zoya Carter for these. I was thinking of doing chevrons for the zig zag prompt but then thought the lightning bolts might be a slightly more unusual interpretation of the prompt! 
These have been done using the nail vinyls from NailVinyls. I had got these nail vinyls weeks ago but never got around to using them because I have really been enjoying doing my stamping manicures, so this was a good opportunity to break them out. 
I painted the two nails with the silver polish, topped with a quick dry topcoat (I used Revlon Quick Dry) and waited about half an hour for them to dry completely. Then I placed the nail vinyls diagonally on them painted a thick coat of the purple textured polish on top. I immediately removed the nail vinyls with the help of some tweezers. I have not used any top coat on Zoya Carter to retain the textured look. The nail vinyls worked beautifully and I look forward to using them again!
Silver Lightning Bolts Manicure


  1. That is some amazing nail art:) All i can say is "WOW".. Happy to follow u!!

    1. Thank you! That's very kind of you! And I look forward to exploring your blog further! :-)