Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First Post!

Welcome to my blog!

I decided to set up this blog to document my adventures with nail polish and nail art.

I have always loved nail polish. Since my teens, I have painted my nails almost weekly, pretty regularly. That is, until the time, I got pregnant with my son! Then for almost 4 years, I lived with bare nails (other than the occasional toenail polish in the summer) and thought that nail polish was definitely one of the things of the past - like night outs  or lounging around all day with a book - you know, just some of the things you give up for your little bundle of joy! Who has the time to sit around for three hours waiting for your nail polish to dry, when you are a Mum?!

Then when my son was about three years old and I had a bit more time, I tried painting my nails again and discovered that nail polish had changed in the few years that I missed out on. There were so many fast dry formulas available which didn't need waiting for ages to dry! And then I also came across many wonderful nail blogs and discovered fast drying topcoats like Seche Vite!

On these nail blogs, I also came across beautiful nail art, including stamping! It just seemed so pretty and perfect - I didn't think I could pull off all the wonderful designs. But finally, I decided to buy one small Konad stamping kit from Amazon to try. And there was no looking back!

I am still experimenting with stamping and nail art, still learning from all the wonderful nail blogs out there. But I wanted to share my experiences with other people who think, like me, that some nail polish and nail art brings a little bit of happiness into your life!

Thanks for reading!

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