Saturday, 30 November 2013

Try a Jelly Sandwich!

So I've been thinking of doing a manicure like this for a long time. In fact, I got this jelly polish months ago for this manicure but never tried it. I think its commonly called a "pond manicure" or a "jelly sandwich" with stamping or even a "stampwich".

This kind of a manicure is not hard to do, it just takes a bit of time because you have to wait for the layers to dry. I began with a base coat and then one coat of jelly polish. After this was dry, I stamped with the full nail image with the tiny hearts. Then a second layer of polish, a second layer of stamping and a third layer of jelly polish on top. Finally, I stamped the accent nail and used top coat on all the nails.
If you would like to try out this manicure, you don't even need to stamp between the layers, you can just dot on some polka dots with white polish. Just be sure to get a nice translucent jelly polish and wait for each layer to dry before adding on the next one.

For this manicure, the nail polish I used is Nails Inc Henley Regatta. The little hearts stamped between the layers of the jelly polish are from the image plate QA15, stamped with Konad White. The silver heart on the ring finger is stamped with Essie No Place Like Chrome from the image plate Pueen 35.
You may notice that my nails are shorter. I chipped a nail the other day and had to cut them all quite short. I actually like short nails, only there's more room on long nails for nail art!