Thursday, 9 January 2014

"GOT Polish Challenge 2014" - Pink and Silver Criss-Cross

You know how you see this beautiful bottle of nail polish in the shop (or online) and think that you have to have it? Then you buy it and end up using it once and then just never get around to using it again.  And sometimes, that bottle of polish lands on your heap of "un-trieds" and doesn't even get used once! Well, I am very excited about doing two nail art challenges this year - the second of which shows a little love to just some of these forgotten polishes in the nail polish stash!

The Golden Oldie Thursday - GOT Polish Challenge 2014!
The basic rules of this challenge are that the nail polishes used should be at least a year old or one of the oldest that you have, preferably previously used, though you can use an old one never used before too. More than one polish can be used if it fits the themes and the rules. The prompts are:

The prompt for the day is "Pink".

For this manicure, I painted three nails with Revlon Silver Dollar. The other two nails are painted with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Presto Pink. The pink rhinestone on the ring finger is from Cheeky. I used striping tape to mark out the criss-cross pattern on the thumb and the middle finger. I painted the presto pink on top, removed the striping tape while the pink was still wet, in the "last on first off" order.

I have wanted to experiment more with striping tape for a while and this was a good start. I still find it a little bit tricky to use but am getting better - hopefully it will get easier with practice.

I think I need to apply the idea behind this challenge to a lot of things in my life - make-up, clothes, assorted half-finished past projects ...!!