Saturday, 1 February 2014

Models Own HyperGel - Swatches, Review & Stamping

(A word of warning - Very long and photo heavy post!)
All Models Own Products on their website are on a half off offer until the 4th of February 2014, to celebrate their Facebook page reaching 250,000 Likes. This includes their yet to be launched Hypergel Nail Polish range. This range will be launched in stores by mid-February. This is how Models Own describe their Hypergel range - "HyperGel! 10 brand-new mega-shine shades that are highly pigmented, long-lasting and chip resistant. Enriched with lotus flower oil, the gel-like finish gives the professional shine of a salon manicure. The collection is completed with limited edition colour caps, topped off with colour-matched high-shine swatches on the lids that reflect the gel effect finish of the polish so you can select the perfect shades!"

Models Own HyperGel Collection

Delivery was extremely quick for me and came bubble-wrapped in a pretty box - I got it within one day of ordering. I have swatches and reviews for six of these new shades. And I also tried stamping with them to see how they performed. I have to add here that this is the first time that I have swatched so many polishes. Its only when you do it yourself, do you realise how difficult it is to take colour accurate pictures of the swatches! It made me appreciate even more how much great work some of the bloggers put in with their beautiful nail polish swatches!
The range is quite similar to the Barry M Gellys, in my opinion. The colours are gorgeous and the formula is good and easy to work with. The formula is generally thick but it does vary from colour to colour - some are thicker than the others. The thick ones are good one-coaters. But I think for the thinner ones, two thin coats give good results. All the polishes are super shiny and glossy and I loved all the colours I got. All my swatches are two coats without a topcoat, other then the stamped manicure, where I used top coat.

Models Own HyperGel Collection

First up is a gorgeous lilac, which would be perfect for spring, Lilac Sheen. This is one of the thinner ones and looks great with two thin coats. I found it the most difficult to get a colour accurate shot of this polish - it looked more blue than lilac in some of the shots. The only way I could get the colour right was to photograph it in sunlight.
Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen

Second is Cornflower Gleam, a beautiful cornflower blue which again would be great for Spring. Its formula was similar to Lilac Sheen and would look good with two thin coats.
Models Own HyperGel Cornflower Gleam

The third one I tried is Cerise Shine, which is a very pretty hot pink. Its a very bright colour - really great if you need a little pick me up! The formula for this was quite thick and this would be good as a one coater.
Models Own HyperGel Cerise Shine

A great bright blue cream is Blue Glint. This appears a bit brighter and a shade darker in real life than it appears in the photos. This is definitely a one-coater.
Models Own HyperGel Blue Glint

I love red nail polish and this is a beautiful red - Red Lustre. The formula was the thinnest of all the polishes that I got - but it still gave good coverage in two coats.
Models Own HyperGel Red Lustre

White Light is a beautiful glossy white. This is also a one coater, although two coats work well with this. This is one of the best white polishes that I have used, coverage wise. I think it would be great for stamping as well, although this is the only one I didn't have a chance to stamp with - I will get around to that soon.
Models Own HyperGel White Light

I stamped with all the five colours on the white polish. The dark colours stamp very well on white. The lighters colours seemed to stamp well too - but of course these were too light to show up clearly on a white base. I will have to try them out on a darker colour to see how they do.
Models Own HyperGel  Stamping
In the photo above, starting from the thumb, stamped with Lilac Sheen, Cerise Shine, Blue Glint, Red Lustre, Cornflower Gleam. The image is from Konad M95.

Here are all of them together ...


  1. Oh, quite fancy that white one. Be a great base for all sorts of nail art fun!

    1. I agree! A white was missing with the Barry M Gellys - so good to get it in this range.

  2. Love the swatches, especially the Cornflower blue! I got the pale pink, bright pink and nude, but wish I had got that blue now too. Sooo pretty, can't wait for mine to be delivered :-) Xx

    1. Thank you! I love the colours! I wanted to get the pale, pink, nude - and the light green too! But they will have to wait! :-)
      I am sure you'll get yours soon - they arrived really quickly for me. xx