Sunday, 24 November 2013

Japanese Landscape

MoYou London has some beautiful Japanese images on their plates in the Suki Collection. The manicure today uses one such plate to create a Japanese Landscape.

I used a base of Color Club Silver Lake from the Girl About Town Collection. I stamped with the polishes, Konad Black, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Quick Brick and Rimmel 60 Seconds 830 Camoflouge. The images are from the MoYou London Plate 02 from the Suki Collection.

I liked how the colours go together to create a restful scene. It made me think of a pleasant, quiet morning with a Samurai practicing his moves under a tree!


  1. I like this Nail art :)
    and the light blue polish from Color Club is one of my favorites!

    x julia

  2. This is so detailed! I love the colours! :)

  3. This is amazing!!! I might have to try to recreate something similar, I love how this turned out!

  4. That little bonsai tree is super kawaii! <3