Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Colourful Flowers to Celebrate Spring!

I have a special Spring Manicure today! Its a stamped manicure but I have used a glazing or lead light technique to fill in colour into the stamped images. With this technique, you stamp an image with a dark stamping polish onto a light base, for example a black stamping on a white base, which is what I have used here. Then you can use a dotting tool to fill colour into the image with translucent polishes. Julia from Messy Mansion has done a good tutorial video on this technique.
Colourful floral stamping nail art
For this manicure, I painted my nails with Model's Own HyperGel White Light. I stamped an image from the XL image plate 10 from the MoYou London Pro Collection with Konad Black. I really like Konad Black for stamping because it is such a dark, vivid black to stamp with but it is tricky to clean up and stains my cuticles.
I then used three translucent jelly polishes to fill the yellow, orange and pink colours into the flowers, with a dotting tool. These polishes are Nails Inc Henley Regatta (Pink), Précision Nail Lacquer in Orange She Hot (Orange) and Got an Idea? (Neon Yellow).
Colourful floral stamping nail art
I love nail art stamping but I did wish sometimes that I could add some colour to it. Nail decals is one way to do this but it is relatively time consuming and you can run into problems, like air bubbles in the top coat while transferring the decal to the nail.
I had tried to do something like this earlier with my cherry blossom manciures, like this one, where I dotted my flowers with a pink nail art pen. But since that seemed to cover the stamping itself, I gave up and did not try it with other polishes. This technique, on the other hand, is so easy to do and the results are absolutely delightful! It has made me fall in love with stamping all over again!
Colourful floral stamping nail art