Monday, 31 March 2014

Speckled Eggs Manicure & Models Own Review

I have the Models Own Speckled Egg nail polishes on my nails today. The three nail polishes that I have used are Duck Blue, Dove Pink and Goose Yellow. These also happen to be the colours for my Tri-Polish Challenge for April.
Models Own Speckled Eggs Review
It was really hard to decide which colours to get - they are all such gorgeous colours - perfect for Easter, spring and summer. The matte black glitter for the speckled effect just adds to the gorgeousness. They do look a bit like bird's eggs and definitely like the Cadbury's Mini Eggs!
Models Own Speckled Eggs Manicure

The formula seems to be that of a creme jelly - slightly gloopy but still easy enough to apply. You will need two slightly thick or three thin coats for good coverage. The first coat was slightly streaky but the second evened out the finish beautifully. They dried to a semi-matte finish but still had a good shine to them. I have used top coat in these photos to make them glossy and smooth. The nails were touch dry in 5-10 minutes - although I did use a quick dry top coat so I can't be absolutely certain of that. I love wearing these polishes and see myself wearing them, definitely through spring and maybe through summer as well!
Models Own Speckled Eggs Easter Manciure

Models Own Speckled Eggs Easter Nails


  1. Just looking at the thumbnails, you'd think we were doing a twinsie tuesday post! Too funny!

    1. LOL! That's true! If you don't look closely, it almost looks like another pic of the same manicure!

  2. I really like the way these polishes look just like Cadbury mini eggs or Robin's Eggs candy. I've seen this finish pop up in a bunch of brands lately and have been meaning to try at least one of them out.

    Your mani is so cute, though, with all of the colors combined!

    1. Thanks! Love the colours in this range! :-)