Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hearts for Valentine's Day

A pink manicure with hearts - just the thing for Valentine's day, right?! I thought I would add a bit to it though by filling in the hearts in different colours with the advanced stamping technique.

I tried making stamping decals a while ago and it was an utter failure! That quite put me off trying them since then. Its a great technique though and the results can be more vibrant than the leadlight technique - where you colour in the stamping on the nail. With this advanced stamping technique, you stamp the image onto the stamper, fill in the colours and then transfer on to the nail. Exactly like stamping decals, only without adding clear polish to transfer.
The base polish is Barry M Gelly Dragonfruit. The images are from the Pueen Love Elements Set - Pueen35 and Pueen41. The stamping polish is Konad black, filled in with China Glaze Strawberry Fields and Mentality Nail Polish Shirin. I added the little heart shaped rhinestones on the other three fingers.
They are not perfect and the flaws are emphasised in the close up shots but I am so much happier with this attempt than my previous one. They look quite sweet! At least, after this attempt, I look forward to trying this technique again soon. 

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