Sunday, 1 February 2015

Blowing Kisses!

I love those "girl blowing dandelion" manicures and have wanted to try one for a while. But since its close to Valentine's Day I thought I would do hearts instead of dandelions. I didn't have a stamping plate with the face though so I thought I would try my hand at painting mine freehand. It is much trickier to paint the silhouette of a face on your nail than on paper, let me tell you! This is how it turned out ...
Blowing hearts manicure
The base polish is Models Own Hyper Gel White Light. I did the outline of the face with the Black Barry M Nail Art Pen and filled it in with Boots No 7 Just Black and a nail art bush. The hearts on the Index finger are also with a nail art brush and Mentality Nail Polish Opaque Red. The same red was used for stamping the hearts on the three fingers from the MoYou London plate 10 from the Frenchy Collection. I was having a bad stamping day though so had to touch up some of the hearts with a nail art brush.
Blowing Hearts Manicure

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