Sunday, 26 January 2014

Got Polish Challenge - Turquoise and Gold Saran Wrap Manicure

I am late with my Challenge manicure but here it is at last! The prompt for the Got Polish Challenge for the day was Blue. I wanted to use one of my favourite oldies for this prompt - the Barry M Gelly in Gauva. Originally, I thought I would do the Turquoise Stone nails with the Water Spotted Nail Art Technique. But halfway, through I had a change of heart.

I used saran wrap (cling film) to dab on some Revlon Gold Coin on to the Guava. Most tutorials that I have seen on this technique paint the second colour on to the nail when the base is dry and then dab it with the cling film. I have tried that earlier and I found that I ended up dabbing on too much or too little and wasn't happy with the result. So I tried it a little differently this time.
I started with a base of Barry M Guava. Then I used a scrunched up piece of cling film painted with some of the gold nail polish and dabbed it very lightly on to my nails. If there was too much gold in some spot, I went back and touched it up a little with some blue polish on the cling film.

I love the gold on turquoise in this manicure. I loved it so much, in fact, that I decided to wear it as is it was. I thought the blue this way is more appropriate for the challenge, anyway!


  1. Estoy enamorada de tu manicura, me encanta la combinación de los colores, es tan bonita!
    Me quedo en tu blog!

    1. Gracias! Me alegra que te haya gustado! Tienes un gran blog usted mismo! (Las español gracias a Google-Traducir!) :-)