Thursday, 16 January 2014

GOT Polish Challenge 2014 - Stripes

Its been quite interesting going through my stash and trying to decide which ones of my old polishes to use for the manicures for this challenge! The next prompt in the GOT Polish Challenge is Stripes. I considered stamping the stripes on - there are some really nice stripey images on some of my plates. But then thought I would try my hand at striping tape one more time. And going a bit further with it, I decided to use three colours in stead of the two that I have normally used before.

Stripes Manicure

The base colour for this manicure is China Glaze Fast Track, which is a really nice nude with a gold shimmer in it. The stripes on top are done with Sally Handen Insta Dri in Ruby Rush and Emerald Express.

I painted the base colour and after it was dry, put on pieces of striping tape in random thick and thin lines. Then I basically coloured in the lines with the two colours, making sure to just lightly brush on the two colours to keep in the lines - this was a little bit tricky! I took the striping tape off while this polish was still wet and finished with top coat. Its not perfect but I consider it a good attempt!

Stripey Nails


  1. love these, the way you used both horizontal and vertical stripes.xx

  2. Fast Track makes a great base here! I gotta remember that!!

    1. Thanks! I love Fast Track as a base for nail art - I think I don't use it often enough myself! :-)

  3. I like the colours, so pretty :)