Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tri Polish Challenge 2014

I haven't posted in the last few days because I got a nasty cut on a finger and thought I would give it a few days to heal. Its still not healed completely but its better. Also, I broke a nail quite badly and had to cut my nails really short. I like my nails a tiny bit longer for nail art but they'll have to do for the next week or so! I am also planning to invest in a couple of nail products to strengthen my nails some more. If they work, I will post a review.

I am starting the Tri Polish Challenge for 2014 today. The rules of the challenge are that we post up to four manicures a month from the three colours chosen for each month. Black, white, gold, silver and glitter are allowed for nail art. At least, one of these manicures should use all three of the colours and the others, at least two of the chosen colours.

The colours for the Tri Polish Challenge for January 2014 are: Red, Orange, Yellow.

I chose the colours yellow and orange for my first post in the challenge.

The yellow polish is NYC Lexington Yellow. The stamping has been done with Klean Color Metallic Orange. The images are from the XL Image Plate A.

It was one of those manicure days, when nothing seemed to go right and the manicure didn't really turn out as I had planned. But I am still excited about this manicure because this is my first stamping with the Klean Color Metallics and I love how they stamp! They streaked a little bit with top coat - but not too bad. I am looking forward to trying out some more manicures with them - big thanks to a lovely friend of mine who got them for me!

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