Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas Challenge 2013 Manicures Roundup

Happy New Year!
I thought I would do a quick round up post of the Christmas Challenge I participated in.
Here are the prompts that I did the manicures for ...

And here are the manicures... Please click on the pictures to go to the original posts for details. My Candy Cane and Gingerbread nails were not exclusively for the Challenge but since they were part of the Christmas manicures that I did, I have also added them to this roundup post.

White Christmas - Winter Lights and snowflakes

Winter Nature - Woods in the snow and a snowman

Holiday Colours - Red and Gold Festive Nails

Christmas Traditions

Toys - Russian Dolls

Christmas Food - Festive Food!

Christmas Food - Candy Cane Nails

Christmas Food - Gingerbread Men

Winter Characters - Reindeers, Snowflakes and Snowmen

New Year's Eve - Champagne Bubbles for New Year's Eve