Thursday, 15 May 2014

Textured Stamped Manicure - GOT Polish

I don't think I have any textured polishes that are over a year old to use for this challenge. But these Sally Hansen Sugar Coats have been sitting in my pile of un-trieds for quite some time so I am hoping they qualify for the challenge in that respect. They come in some really pretty colours and I have been looking forward to trying them out but just haven't got around to it.
I painted my nails with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in 300 Cherry Drop, which is a gorgeous slightly orange red. The green is 250 Spare-A-Mint?, a pretty teal green. The stamping polish is Essie No Place Like Chrome, one of my favourite silver polishes to stamp with.
The beautiful images that I have used for this manicure is from a new range of image plates from Dashica Beauty - Infinity Nails. The images are from the plate Dashica Infinity 22. I like the beaded look of the images on this plate - its not something I have seen on other stamping plates and I think with white or metallic polish specially, looks so pretty!