Saturday, 14 September 2013

31DC2013: Day Fourteen - Flowers

I really liked the flowers I did for my Blue Nails for Day Five. So when it came to this challenge, I decided to revisit that manicure but I thought I would look around for some tutorials to see if I could refine my technique. There are some great tutorials for one stroke flower nail art. I was inspired by two such videos: One Stroke Flower Nail Tutorial and Simple, Easy One-Stroke Pretty Flower Painting Nail Art Tutorial

For this manicure, I used Barry M Gelly in Lychee. Then I painted the petals with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Quick Brick and Chartreuse Chase, with a nail art brush. I added 3-4 hexagonal nail glitters from the Born Pretty store to each half flower and finished with top coat. I absolutely love free hand floral nails like these and hope to do more of them in the future!

Although originally, for the Flowers challenge, I had planned on doing stamping decals. I painted some squares of top coat onto a plastic bag and waited for it to dry. Then I stamped a flower image onto each of these. After this, I filled out the flowers and leaves with different colours with a fine nail art brush. Waited for it all to dry, peeled them off with a pair of tweezers and applied to my nails with topcoat.

The decals came out quite well but I think I used too thick a layer of top coat on the plastic bag. When I applied the decals to my nails and added more top coat, it bubbled up quite badly.

So I thought I would do these free hand flowers instead...


  1. i love barry m lychee, would buy it, but i have too many similar colours! The flowers are too cute!


  2. I really like the off set magenta daisy design