Tuesday, 1 October 2013

31DC2013: Day Thirty-One - Honour Nails You ❤

Last Day of the 31 Day Challenge today! This challenge was a huge learning experience for me. I tried so many new techniques and ideas - and although I need to practice and improve on most of them, its a start. Also, I am fairly new at blogging and this challenge was really like jumping in at the deep end. The challenge is over now but I will be putting my new found knowledge to good use, hopefully!

For today's challenge, I decided to recreate the fish tail manicure done by the lovely Lucie! Of course, its difficult to match her beautiful manicure but this is my humble, little attempt!

For these nails, I used a base of Claire's Cosmetics Blue Mirror and then alternated diagonal brush strokes to form the fishtail with Boots 17 Style Slave and a special edition Barry M glittery pink, BLE2012. In my experience, the things to remember for this technique is to wait a minute between each diagonal stripe to let it dry a bit before the second. Also, that these nails take some time to dry since the multiple brush strokes make it a bit thick. The fish tail nails look absolutely lovely and I can't wait to try them again with other color combinations!


  1. gorgeous manicure and thank you for the mention x