Friday, 18 October 2013

Pink Friday for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2013

Its time for another pink manicure to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
To show your support, you can register at the Wear it Pink website and wear pink on the 25th of October. To quote the site, "To join forces all you have to do is grab something pink, wear it on Friday 25 October and donate £2 to Breast Cancer Campaign. With our ideas for wear it pink at the office, in primary school, secondary school and at home you can make sure everyone joins in. This year there are great prizes for some of our fundraising heroes who pay their money in by the end of November, too!"

I really like the water marble designs that I see on blogs and youtube but I have had unpredictable results with it myself. I definitely need practice perfecting that technique but after the number of times I had to do it for my one manicure for the 31 Day Challenge, I think it will be some time before I gather up the courage to try it again! In the meantime, I came across some good tutorials for dry marbling on the internet. Of these, I tried this one by Tartofraises, which I loved. My attempt is not as perfectly beautiful as the original but its still very pretty and I really loved wearing this manicure.
For this pink manicure, I used Revlon Cupid again. For the marbling, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Emerald City and Plum Power. The sparkly silver is W7 Moondust. I used a fine nail art brush and a dotting tool for this design.


  1. This looks great, I really like this needle dragging technique, even though it's a fineliner used for this :D

    1. Thanks! I'd like to experiment further with this technique sometime - its looks cute and is fun to do. :-)

  2. wow. I love your mani. Its look pretty and unique. :D

  3. This looks beautiful! I love the colors you used for the marbling :)